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Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan is a very significant milestone for Rehab. We have made clear choices about the future direction of the organisation, and how we are going to evolve, change and improve. We are committed to achieving this change and we will be working to implement this plan swiftly.

We have made decisions about what kind of organisation we want to be. These decisions are based on the ideas and vision of our employees and the people who use our services, which were shared and explored in a comprehensive consultation process. We would like to thank the thousands of people who contributed to this important task.

Our new vision, mission and values reflect this and with our key goals give us a clear path for the future.

To achieve a more unified organisation, there will be significant changes to how we are organised – for example we will reduce our entities to one in Ireland, one in Scotland, one in England and Wales. We want to be more flexible, more adaptable and we want to offer more choices to people who access our services. Our employees will work in a more integrated team, to allow us to provide more seamless services.

Our commitment to the people we support is central to what we do. We want them to know that we will be right there with them on their journey. Their success is our success, and their ongoing support is our reason for being.

This strategic plan recognises that we need to learn continuously, and improve continuously. We will support our employees to learn and develop. We will listen to their ideas and value their contribution.

  • We will develop a robust advocacy structure that gives people a real say in how services are delivered, and that supports people to make their voices heard, inside and outside of our services. We will be ardent in promoting the rights of people with disabilities and those we support, and will use evidenced-base, partnership and our combined energy to be an agent of change where this is needed.
  • We will strive to meet the expectations of the people we support, and as we develop we hope to exceed those expectations, and in doing so, raise them higher for the future. We will encourage people to have ambition for their lives, and to expect a fulfilled life of inclusion. We want people to dream things they never thought possible, and achieve them.
  • We will be a transparent and accountable organisation. We will meet regulatory standards and compliance.

In all of this, we want our employees to be supported, fulfilled and self-driven to deliver the best possible service that they can. We want them to progress in their careers, experience broad opportunities and use their ideas and expertise to drive improvements in how we work.

This is the future of our organisation, Rehab. We invite everyone who has an interest in bringing this future into being to come with us on this exciting journey. We will need your help, and we value your input.