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National Learning Network - Athlone

At NLN in Athlone we provide a range of free courses to people who have had an accident, illness, injury or have a disability and extra support needs.

Our courses are tailored to each student's needs, to help them to build their confidence while getting practical job-seeking skills to help them get a job or go on to further training.

For more information on courses available at NLN in Athlone see below or call the centre today.

Landscape Maintenance

This course allows students to experience a range of jobs within the horticulture/grounds maintenance and vegetable production sectors. It allows them to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to access employment within the industry or to progress to further training/education.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Amenity Horticulture (4M1994).

Job Links

A flexible course that enables students to acquire practical skills with a host company in a skill area of their choice. The course is a combination of on-the-job & in-centre training. The EBT co-ordinator will support both student and employer throughout the process. The course aims to develop the skills and experience the student needs to gain employment in the future.

Certification: QQI Level 5 General Studies  (5M3114), QQI Level 5 Community Health Services (5M4468), QQI Level 4 Employment Skills (4M0857).

Fresh Start

Designed for those who would like an opportunity to make a new beginning and start a new career after a period out of the workforce. It provides an opportunity to explore vocational opportunities in order to progress to further education and/or employment.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Employment Skills (4M0857).

Stepping Out

Stepping Out aims to work with participants from the midlands region to prevent them from re-offending, to enhance their employment opportunities and to increase access to further education.

Certification: QQI Level 3 Employability Skills (3M0935), QQI Level 4 General Learning (4M2010).


The Turas programme is a 2 year rehabilitative training programme delivered by NLN and funded by the HSE. The Turas programme is designed to provide an opportunity for participants who experience a high level of social and community isolation to examine the opportunity to develop personal and social skills, make independent choices, explore recreational, social and vocational opportunities and to make significant personal, health and social gains. It offers a structured approach to developing confidence and life management skills to contribute to individual well-being. An essential component of the programme is personal development through social interaction and team membership.

Certification: QQI Level 2 Skills for Life (P2GLO), QQI Level 3 Employability Skills (3M0935), QQI Level 4 General Learning (4M2010), QQI Level 4 Employment Skills (4M0857), QQI Level 3 Information Communication Technologies (3M0877).


This rehabilitative foundation programme is designed for young adults with mild learning difficulties. Designed to provide a mix of social skills, personal effectiveness, career exploration and vocational skills sampling which enables students to make realistic choices for training and employment based on their individual strengths and abilities. Literacy and numeracy needs are also addressed to enable students to participate fully in their community. Opportunities to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and competencies learned in the training centres are identified within the community in efforts to encourage students to participate fully as active citizens in their own locality and move towards living independently.

Certification: QQI Level 2 Skills for Life (P2GLO), QQI Level 3 Employability Skills (3M0935), QQI Level 4 General Learning (4M2010), QQI Level 4 Employment Skills (4M0857), QQI Level 3 Information Communication Technologies (3M0877).



Shelagh Nangle


Belhavel Training Services, Golden Island, Athlone, Westmeath