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Retailing solution for your business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies engage with SMILES Newsagents not only because we provide excellent levels of customer service, but also as part of their on-going corporate social responsibility strategy. As a result, Rehab Enterprises Ltd. operates shops and related services including vending and newspaper delivery at a number of locations. This is usually governed by a formal license agreement which is offered free of charge or at a low cost concession.

Products and Services

The SMILES Newsagents model of retailing supplies a wide range of items that people invariably need including newspapers, confectionery, soft drinks, greeting cards, stationery, chilled meats, dairy, frozen foods, health and beauty products. We also offer services such as dry cleaning, laundry, ironing and phone credit top up, and also accept credit and laser card payments.

Friendly service and a broad spectrum of goods allows each shop serve the needs of the particular market location in which they are based. We are open to providing a retail offering in any format requested by clients. 


SMILES Newsagents is aware that customers like to shop in attractive, clean and damage-free locations. We work in partnership with established shop fitters to provide shop fittings that will keep the stores looking attractive, clean and modern. Much of the fittings are prepared off-site resulting in short fit-out time on-site. This results in little or no disruption at the site.

We can work with the designers to put together a complete package of equipment which meets the needs of the site and its customers.


SMILES Newsagents pricing is pitched at the convenience price point. We aim to offer competitive prices and offer value to our customers. We regularly run promotions and special offers in our retail units.