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Customer Charter

SMILES Newsagents Customer Service Charter 

SMILES Newsagents are committed to delivering a quality customer service to you our customer. This charter sets out the standards of service you can expect from us.

We are committed to:

Providing a clean and accessible environment.

We will always comply with occupational health and safety standards and, as part of this, facilitate access for people with disabilities and others with specific needs
Serving our customers in a fair, courteous and timely manner
Being knowledgeable about our products and services
Welcoming our customers’ comments and dealing with any problems quickly and professionally
Providing redress where our customers have a complaint
Using modern technology to improve our service to our customers

As our customer, you can help us by:

Letting us know if you have any specific needs or specific requirements
Providing us with all the information we need to help you
Asking us to explain anything that you are not sure of
Telling us how we can improve our products and services

We Value Your Opinion

Let us know when things go wrong, when you get a good service, or how we can improve our services.

To do this, contact Nicola Mullet at:

Email :
Phone: 01 205 7200 / 087 8332322
Write: Customer Services, Smiles Newsagents, Rehab Enterprises Ltd., Roslyn Park, Sandymount, Dublin 4.