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Rehab Logistics Limerick

We are Rehab Logistics Limerick

At Rehab Logistics, Limerick, our expert circuit board assembly line and soldering factory are the top choice for industry clients seeking robust and accurate cable, wire and board electrical works.

Our printed circuit board (PCB) specialists have more than 20 years of experience in delivering world-class electronic manufacturing services – from PCB design to prototyping, assembly, testing, repair, and reworking.

We are known throughout Ireland and beyond for our high quality production, warm and attentive customer service for every order whatever the size, and for our swift, efficient turnaround on complex PCB and cable contracts.

Ireland's largest non-governmental employer of people with disabilities

As part of Rehab Enterprises, Ireland’s largest non-governmental employer of people with disabilities, we proudly create roles that are tailored perfectly to what best suits the worker – whether they are a stalwart on a single production line or an all-rounder, our ability to play to every staff member’s strengths makes for an enviable work flow and atmosphere of diligence and excellence. This translates to fantastic business outcomes for the buyer – so it’s little wonder that we can boast such loyal and constant clients.

In addition to our master technical services in PCB manufacture for customers in sectors such as heat pumps and electronic test products, Rehab Logistics, Limerick, also provides an array of light assembly, pick-and-pack, labelling and fulfilment options to clients in varied industries including print, pharmaceuticals and retail.

Our fulfilment services include labelling, bar coding and packing of medical products and instruction booklets. We can also handle label reworking such as language changes, and we do pristine, careful work at kitting, sorting and removal of dust and debris.

Value and satisfaction guaranteed

Our retail clients get tremendous value and satisfaction from our extensive hanger sorting service – the facility to make stock call-outs from us for hanger categories such as plastic or black velvet proves to be of great benefit to the supply chain.

Please email to find out how we can add value to your supply chain through our innovative PCB assembly and soldering solutions and our flexible and adept general assembly and fulfilment offerings.

Rehab Logistics (Limerick)

Raheen Business Park, 


Co Limerick

Phone: 061 303 306

Fax: +353 (0) 61 303 307

Email:  info@rehabenterprises.iee