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Rehab Group has undergone a process of transformational change since 2014

Since 2014, Rehab Group has undergone a process of transformational change.

As an organisation we have and continue to make sweeping changes, both at board and organisational level.

The events of the last number of years have been very difficult for the people who depend on Rehab: the thousands of people with disabilities who everyday use the services we provide which help them build more independent lives, their families as well as our committed staff who work with them and our volunteers.

As part of this change process Rehab has taken the opportunity to reconnect with our mission – to champion the economic and social independence of people with disabilities.

Some of the changes we have made over the past two years include:

• A new board was appointed following an open recruitment process following a robust and widely-advertised recruitment process overseen by a transitional board nominations committee, whose membership is drawn from the Rehab Group board, augmented by charity sector leaders.

• We have a new Chief Executive, Ms Mo Flynn and A new senior management team.

•The Chief Executive’s salary was reduced to €140,000 and the pay of all senior posts within the organisation lies below this. All bonus payments were terminated.

•All senior salaries in Rehab over the level of €65,000 are be published annually in bands of €10,000, in line with the SORP accounting standards.

•Pay levels for the senior management team are set by the remuneration committee of the board, having regard to the scope of roles and comparable levels in other charities, NGOs and non-profit organisations.

•As the Chief Executive travels extensively throughout Ireland to Rehab’s over 100 sites a mid-size company car has been provided. The Chief Executive is a member of the Rehab Group general employee defined contribution pension scheme. Expenses incurred wholly and necessarily in the course of duty will be reimbursed on a vouched basis, and will be subject to the control of the Rehab Group Board’s audit and quality committee, as with all senior management and board expenses.

•The organisation is formally committed to the adoption of the Fundraising Code for Charities and the Governance Code for voluntary organisations in Ireland and this work is close to completion. The Group now publishes its annual accounts in line with the Statement of Recommended Practice for Charities (SORP).

•A new Five-Year Strategic Plan for the organisation which sets out in detail Rehab’s new vision, mission and values and its key goals which give the organisation a clear path for the future has been published and is currently being rolled out.

It’s been a difficult few years for our staff and people who use our services. We hope that, in time, we can rebuild the trust which has been lost or undermined.


For additional information, please contact:

Martin Grant –012057268 / martin.grant@rehab.ie

Edel O’Connell – 0861674741 / edel.oconnell@rehab.ie

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