Written by rehabadmin - 29 January 2018 - LATEST NEWS Press Releases

January 29th

Rehab Group have today called on the Government to reverse cuts so that pay can be restored to frontline workers.

The organisation, which provides vital supports to over 10,000 people with disabilities throughout the country, says it is continuing to lobby for pay restoration.

Kathleen O’Meara, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, said:  “We believe that our staff who are going to work every day and doing the same job as a HSE, or Section 38 organisation, have parity of pay with their counterparts. We have been lobbying to have our funding increased to restore the pay cuts.

Our staff shouldered cuts eight years ago amid a floundering economy, and while pay restoration commenced for public sector workers, Section 39 workers have been excluded from this process.  This was neither right nor equitable, particularly after a decade of repeated cuts.

Rehab and other Section 39 organisations provide vital services on behalf of the State. Last year alone more than 10,000 people, including vulnerable children and adults, engaged with our community care, respite and training and employment services. A proportion of the people who use Rehab’s services have high-support needs and are totally reliant on our services.

We need to see an end to this unfair, two-tier pay system. We also hope that the people who we serve can continue to receive these critical services to the same level.  We will be monitoring this situation closely and continuing to work hard to find a resolution to this issue.”


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