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Mother-of-one Orla Monaghan’s confidence was at an all-time low. Anxiety took control and she left her job. Having discovered the National Learning Network (NLN) in Castlebar, she is now back on her feet and has found a job. This is her story;

“I had been working and going along for years. After finishing a relationship, I met someone else a year later and had my baby girl. I went back to work but wasn’t coping well with stress and ended up signed off, and eventually left. My confidence was at an all-time low. I couldn’t face leaving the house, and wouldn’t have, had it not been for my little girl. I would have anxiety about anxiety at this stage, and cry speaking to anyone.

After different mental health appointments I was told about the Freshstart course at the National Learning Network (NLN), which I knew nothing about. I started the course and found there was such a fantastic mix of people. We supported each other in different ways and really gelled as a unit. Over the year I started to gain a bit of self-belief, and thought that maybe I could get a better life for us both.

Orla Monaghan, who attended NLN in Castlebar, and now has a job

Because I was doing well in the computer part of the course, it was suggested I go on to Computer Studies and Office Skills, which I did. Through the work placements on both courses, I realised I could do more than I thought. I ended up being given a job through this when I completed the second course.

My confidence has grown and while I’m not entirely happy with myself, I’m in a much better place and life is good. I even agreed to model for a hair and beauty salon and go on the radio to talk about NLN, things that a few years ago I wouldn’t have considered for a second.

I still keep in touch with loads of people I met on the courses and I am so grateful to NLN and the tutors I had for the help and encouragement.”

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