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Service users address delegates at a recent NRC Advocacy seminar


The National Student Committee (NSC) is a forum for National Learning Network students. Its purpose is to represent the views and opinions of the people who use National Learning Network’s services and to ensure that student’s have the opportunity to participate in National Learning Network’s decision making processes.

The National Student Committee work with the National Learning Network Board of Directors and the National Learning Network Management Team.

Each National Learning Network training centre has a local representative committee. This committee is representative of each of the training programmes. These committees hold meetings on a regular basis to bring issues of relevance to the people who attend National Learning Network to the attention of staff and management. This enables student’s to have a say in how the training, education and employment services they use are run.

The National Student Committee works in partnership with National Learning Network to ensure that Student’s Charter of Rights and Responsibilities is adhered to and provides advocacy and assistance to students where needed. The National Student Committee also has a wider political brief and lobbies Government to seek a better deal for people with disabilities and to ensure that essential services are provided.