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RehabCare is very important to me because it helps to support me in many ways. The service has helped me to gain more confidence and gain more knowledge on different topics.

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Saoirse Duffy, from Arklow, says RehabCare has changed her life in many ways

There are so many fascinating aspects to RehabCare such as the English elements such as comprehension and creative writing. I also enjoy getting so many opportunities to go to the library and I also enjoy the arts and crafts. The outreach work also helps me gain more confidence such as being able to use public transport and to be able to gain more independence.

The service helps people with disabilities to access further education and to get a job. If there was no service thousands of people would be deprived of opportunities that are very beneficial to them. We need to get as many people as possible involved in the #SaveRehabCare campaign because the service is very important to all the service users. If the service were to close down where would all the people who use the service go?  People with disabilities can struggle greatly to progress further in life due to the many challenges they face on a daily basis.

The service is very important to people with disabilities because if there is no service how are disabled people going to get the support they need in order to progress further? Everyday RehabCare is progressing us further and further. New programmes get introduced and the individuals of the service gain new skills. More and more disabled people are progressing further in life due to what the service has to offer.

People often have misconceptions about disabled people. They need to see life from the disabled person’s point of view. They need to imagine themselves in their shoes and rather focusing on their weaknesses, they need to focus on their strengths.

What skills does the disabled person have to offer?

The answer to this question is a lot more than you realise. We all have strengths and weaknesses, that is what makes us human. We need to see the potential in every person despite their disability. We need to acknowledge the achievements of the individual. What can this person do instead of what can’t this person do. Thinking of the glass as half full rather than half empty.  Being optimistic rather than pessimistic.

This is why it’s so important to keep RehabCare because it will help disabled individuals reach their goals. The service gives them a positive perspective about the world. We need to stay motivated on the #SaveRehabCare campaign.

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