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Nicole Breslin, from the Glenties, Donegal, was unsure what career path to choose after completing secondary school. Since joining a course with Letterkenny National Learning Network (NLN), Nicole found a passion for drama and is now pursuing a career in Performing Arts.
“During my last few months at school I was undecided what career path I would choose. I was drawn towards computer studies but I felt I was not ready to cope with the transition to third level education, even though I had secured a place at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LyIT).

I spoke with the HSE Training and Occupation Support Service and they recommended that I visit National Learning Network in Letterkenny to find out what courses were available there.

After my visit, I got the opportunity to sample and then enrol on the Advance programme. The environment was relaxed, I was given the opportunity to try out new activities like Stage Beyond Drama program in the Millennium Forum, Derry, where I developed a love for performing arts. I felt I had a support network at NLN while I was also encouraged to try new things.

I completed the Advance programme in August 2016, and transferred to IT & Business Studies QQI Level 5 in Sept 2016. I am studying modules such as Customer Service and Spreadsheets that will enhance my IT and Office management skills. I like the challenge of learning new skills which I know will be useful no matter what career I choose.

I have transitioned into adulthood with the support of the staff at NLN, I have tried new things and found a love for Drama and the Performing Arts. Stage Beyond was a high point of my learning experience. I just loved performing on stage to a live audience and making people laugh and smile, it gives me a nice feeling.
I have developed my people skills through my work experience opportunities in Centra Ardara. My next step is to pursue a career in the Performing Arts. I can believe I can achieve this as I have learnt in NLN that if you break things down into manageable goals, anything is achievable.

It’s a great place to go if you are unsure of what you want to do with your life. You get great support if you are on the cusp of adulthood and you are finding the transition difficult.”

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